San Sebastián + Navarran Pyrenees

  • A great 7-day guided trip in two totally different places which are not far from each other.
  • From the sweetness of the green Basque mountains bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, to the imposing views of the high Pyrenean peaks, with their beautiful valleys and picture postcard villages.
  • Be captivated by the beauty of San Sebastián and enjoy its famous pintxos and the world-renowned Basque cuisine.
  • And spend a few days in a rural mountain environment that maintains an age old way of life.
  • Tour led by a local guide with extensive knowledge of the region.
  • Stay in two places with different environments making the trip that more varied and attractive.
  • Accommodation in a comfortable beachfront hotel and a beautiful lovely house in the mountains.
  • Possibility of adapting some elements of the trip, according to customer preferences.

This trip is designed in two distinct parts:
The first one is based in the lovely city of San Sebastián, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and throughout Europe. The city is on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea and has famous fine-sand beaches that are the ideal place for a relaxing swim, after walking in some of the beautiful green mountains that surround the city. From the centrally located hotel where you will spend the night, we will make 3 different excursions, one for each day. As this area offers many different options, the routes will be decided on the basis of the expected weather conditions, as well as customer preferences in terms of length and height gain. In addition to enjoying the mountains and beaches of San Sebastián, we will also visit the old part of the city where, as well as learning something about the history of the town, we can taste the famous pintxos or tapas, a miniature expression of the fantastic Basque gastronomy.

After 3 wonderful days in San Sebastián, we will leave the coast and head towards a beautiful inland area: the Navarran Pyrenees. This is a relaxing transfer day when we will do some sightseeing during the journey.

Once we arrive in the village where we will spend the next 3 nights, we will lodge in a cozy rural hotel. Here, the environment and landscape are totally different.

The beaches and soft mountains are replaced by high peaks and deep valleys that shelter forests where a great variety of wild animals live: wild boars, foxes, chamois, roe deers, large birds and the last surviving bears of the Pyrenees. In the following days we will make two beautiful routes around the area, enjoying the wonderful landscapes that this area of the Pyrenees offers, returning to San Sebastián on the last day, bringing this beautiful trip to an end.

  • Day 1: Arrival day
    A member of our company will meet you in San Sebastián and take you to the hotel where you will spend the first four nights. Information meeting to talk about the activity to be developed in the next few days, especially about the routes that will be carried out based around San Sebastián, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Days 2, 3 and 4: Different mountain hikes from San Sebastián
    Each day and after a good breakfast, we will leave the hotel for a hike through the mountains around San Sebastián. The route of each day will be chosen from the wide range of different possibilities offered by this area, taking into account the preferences of customers in terms of distance and height gain, as well as the expected weather conditions. Depending on the date and the chosen route, lunch will consist of a picnic in the mountains or a meal in a shelter or typical Basque farmhouse. In addition, whenever possible, an attempt will be made to take advantage of the excursion to visit other interesting places nearby. After each hike, we will return to San Sebastián for a short rest in the hotel before leaving later to have dinner and enjoy this beautiful city.
  • Day 5: Transfer and rest day
    Day spent moving from San Sebastián to the village of the Navarran Pyrenees which will be our base for the next few days. It is a day for resting in which we will not do any hiking, but take advantage of the trip to visit some of the many places of tourist interest that are on the way. Once we arrive at the destination, we will stay in a cozy mountain hotel or in a beautiful country house for the next three nights and, before dinner, we will meet to talk about the routes we will take in the following days.
  • Days 6 and 7: Two mountain hikes in Navarran Pyrenees
    This area of the Pyrenees offers many different hiking routes, all of them very beautiful and spectacular. Depending on the clients' preferences and weather forecast, two of these routes will be chosen for these days. They will be full day hikes, so we will have a picnic in the mountain. We will rest for a while before going out to visit the village and having dinner to recharge our batteries.
  • Day 8: Transfer and departure day
    After breakfast, we will return to San Sebastián from where each person will continue his or her journey according to his/her plans.

This is the summary of the programme:
Day 1: Arrival to San Sebastián
Days 2 to 4: Three mountain hikes from San Sebastián
Day 5: Rest day and transfer to the village in Navarran Pyrenees
Days 6 and 7: Two mountain hikes in Navarran Pyrenees
Day 8: Departure day

The order of this programme could be changed for different reasons, such as the availability of accommodation or weather forecasts. Any change would be communicated to customers in advance.

This trip takes place in two different places so we use two different accommodations, one in San Sebastián and the other in the Navarran Pyrenees.

In the case of San Sebastián, the chosen accommodation will be a small to medium sized, centrally located hotel. As San Sebastián attracts a lot of visitors, there are several hotels of this type so, depending on availability, one or the other will be used. In every case, the hotel will be placed very close to the beaches and the city centre and will have all the necessary services to enjoy a peaceful stay.

In the case of the Navarran Pyrenees, the offer of accommodation is not so wide, but we know the best mountain hotels and rural houses in the area very well, so we can choose the best option in the villages where we stay.

The fact that we are a local travel agency allows us to select accommodation directly. We choose them in person, not on the Internet, we visit them frequently and have direct contact with the owners. Thanks to this, it is possible to guarantee that these are quality accommodations with high standards of service and that they are the ideal places for our trips.

The dates for this trip are flexible and depend on two factors:

  1. The available dates of the client.
  2. Whether the guide who organizes and leads the trip is also available on the same dates.

The procedure to arrange the trip is as follows:

  1. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Walking North Spain ( indicating the dates when you wish to come. Ideally, you should indicate as broad a date period as possible, that is to say, as long as possible:
    • If you can only set very specific dates, indicate exactly what they are but
    • if you are flexible over a longer period of time (e. g. several weeks, several months or even any time of the year), please indicate this in your request.
  2. The objective is to be able to form a group from the people who are interested in making a particular trip. Therefore, the greater the flexibility in the dates you indicate, the easier it is to match up the dates available, both of the guide and of other clients.
  3. When Walking North Spain receives the first request for a trip, it will check the availability, both for the accommodation, and for a guide for those dates. One of the following two cases may occur:
    • There is no accommodation and/or guide available for those dates: in this case, Walking North Spain will inform the interested clients about this event and ask as to what other dates might be possible.
    • Both the accommodation and guide are available for those dates: in this case, in principle, the trip will be made on the requested dates by those clients who first sent their request to the agency but:
      • If the number of clients interested in this first request is 4 or more people, then those dates can be considered confirmed and the trip will be made on the requested dates.
      • If the number of clients interested in this first request is less than 4, the agency will try to organise the trip for those dates, but will not be able to confirm this until after some time has passed in which it will try to add other potential clients. Once a minimum group of 4 people has been reached, or if Walking North Spain has decided to make the trip, even if it is with fewer clients, the trip will be confirmed to the clients who have signed up for it.
  4. As it can be seen, in principle, the minimum number of people to make this trip is 4 but, even if your request is for fewer people, we recommend sending us your request as early as possible because, depending on the availability of the guide, it is possible that the trip can be made for a smaller group, even for just one couple. In addition, if you are the first to request the trip for specific dates, the agency will do everything possible to meet your request.
  5. For this reason, it is important that you send us your request as soon as you can, indicating the widest possible period of time in which you could make the trip.
  6. If a group of 4 or more people sign up at the same time, it would be possible to adapt the trip to their preferences, for example, regarding its duration or the number of days to stay in each place.
  7. Finally, it is quite possible that, if there are enough requests, this trip is made several times in the same year, so there may be a better chance of finding dates to match your schedule.


SEASON DATES Price per person Single supplement
Low November to March 1,275 € 170 €
Mid April, May, June and October 1,330 € 185 €
High July, August and September (**) 1,450 € 250 €

(*) Prices are per person and based on two people sharing a twin or double room

(**) Easter and other special days are also considered high season


  • Pick up in San Sebastián and transfer to the first hotel.
  • Information meeting to explain the programme of the trip, show the routes to be followed and resolve any possible doubts.
  • 4 nights accommodation in a hotel in San Sebastián.
  • 3 guided routes in the mountains around San Sebastián.
  • Transfer to a village in the Navarran Pyrenees, with a sightseeing visit along the way.
  • Lunch in a restaurant on transfer day
  • 3 nights accommodation in a hotel or rural house in the Navarran Pyrenees.
  • Breakfast each morning.
  • Picnic lunches on walking days.
  • 2 dinners in San Sebastián and 3 dinners in the Navarran Pyrenees, menu including house wine and other drinks.
  • Guided pintxos tour in the Old City of San Sebastián (pintxos and drinks costs are not included. Clients will directly pay them to the bar depending on their consumption).
  • Baggage transfers between hotels.
  • Transfer back to San Sebastián at the end of the trip.

Not included:

  • Flights or any other means of transport to/from San Sebastián, starting and ending point of the trip (*). For more information, see the "How to get here" section of the "Information" tab.
  • Insurance.
  • Tickets to visit places of tourist interest, if any of these additional visits are made.
  • 2 dinners in San Sebastián: the consumptions on the Guided pintxos tour and another dinner when you are free to choose your own restaurant.
  • Any extra drinks, apart from those already served on the menus of the 5 included dinners. These additional drinks should be paid for directly at the restaurant.
  • Any extra night in San Sebastián or Bilbao, at the beginning or end of the trip (**).

(*) Possibility to order private transfers from/to Biarritz or Bilbao, at an additional charge.

(**) Possibility to organize additional nights of accommodation. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do I have to make any reservation or do anything myself?
The only thing you have to look after is your round trip to and from San Sebastian (remember that we can advise and help you with the arrangements). Everything else is included (except two dinners in San Sebastián) so you don't have to worry about anything, We look after everything else. You just have to worry about coming here and enjoying your trip to the fullest.

How can I get to the area?
Today, the Basque Country is a highly developed area that has very good communications by land, sea and air making it easy to get to San Sebastian. There are several options to fly to our different airports and our cities are connected by modern motorways. You also have the option of coming by bus, train and even by boat if you come from Great Britain. For more information, see the "How to get here" section of the "Information" tab.

What currency and language is used in the area?
As in the other countries of the European Union, the currency used is the euro. With regard to languages, this is one of the many attractions of this region because, apart from Spanish, one of the oldest and most mysterious languages in the world is spoken in the Basque Country: Basque. While you are here, you will often hear and see Basque and we will tell you some curious facts about this ancient language. With regard to English, San Sebastian is a very touristic city and, as such, it is quite easy to find people who speak it. However, it is far less common in the villages of the Western Pyrenees. In any case, a bilingual guide will be with you at all times, so you won't have any trouble understanding the locals.

Is it a safe route?
Yes, fortunately, this area is very safe and visitors do not usually have any problems on their trip but as San Sebastian is a city that receives thousands of tourists every year we recommend that common sense precautions should be taken against theft, especially on dates and places where there is a high concentration of people.

Can I book a single person trip?
Yes, as long as there are other people on that same trip (Walking North Spain cannot offer guided trips for a single person). In this case, an individual supplement will be charged.

What is the best time of year to make this trip?
Probably, the best time to make this trip is May to October but remember that some days can be hot from mid-July to late August, In addition, San Sebastian usually receives a lot of foreign visitors at that time, as it is a very popular city.

What are the routes like? Are they very long or difficult?
The mountains around San Sebastian and the Western Pyrenees offer many different routes of different lengths and levels of effort. The selected routes for this trip are between 13 and 17 kilometres long, with a height gain of between 650 and 1,000 metres, so that everybody accustomed to hill-walking with just a little training can hike our routes without any difficulty. Walking North Spain is also able to choose those routes that best suit the preferences and characteristics of the group.

Will it be possible to shorten some routes?
The group will be led by a single guide if there are 8 or fewer clients. With just one guide the group cannot be divided and everyone will have to follow the same itineraries. There will be 2 guides leading if there are 9 or more clients in the group making it possible to shorten the routes for part of the group.

I have some dietary restrictions, is it possible to take this into account?
Of course, although one of the main attractions of this area is its gastronomy, every year we welcome people who have dietary restrictions. In these cases, we inform all the accommodations and restaurants we visit so that this is taken into account.

If you have any other questions, please click here and send us an email with your questions. Thank you very much.

Other images of this trip will be available soon.

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