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Years ago, when we were not yet professionally organizing hiking holidays for other people, we already designed and organized trips in our own local mountain club. As a result, we gained great experience and we know just how difficult it is to arrange all the details of trips of this kind, how many hours you have to work on the project and, above all, the important responsibility you assume with regard to your club members who are going to take part. Since then, we have designed, organized and coordinated walking holidays for many clients. Therefore, today, the organizer of a hiking trip of any club can take advantage of all our experience and knowledge, and delegate all the work to us, with the peace of mind of knowing that the trip will be perfect.

And why do we know it's going to work out perfectly? Well, because, in addition to the experience we have in this job:

  • We are not a huge hiking company that works with thousands of customers. We work with few clients. Every one of them is of the utmost importance to us and, therefore, all the resources of our agency are dedicated to the individual client. Thus, you can be sure that your group’s trip would be the most important thing for us to do at that time.
  • In that sense, your trip would be designed and coordinated personally by the agency Director who would assume all responsibility for the trip directly. Therefore, he would be the organizer of your trip and the one who would be in constant contact with you, taking care of even the smallest detail.
  • We are a local hiking company. We are in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, where we were born and where we live. We know our land, our culture, our customs, our mountains and all the corners of our geography perfectly. All this is essential to be able to organize the best trip because, if you design it from a distance, without knowing the environment, something is always lost in the process. Therefore, no one better than us to organize a hiking holiday in this area.
  • We take care of absolutely everything, from the first to the last detail. Of course, in addition to guiding our beautiful mountain routes, we take care of finding the best accommodation, organizing all meals, coordinating all transfers, including those necessary to get here from the nearby airports, as well as proposing and carrying out cultural, tourist and gastronomic activities that make the trip complete and unforgettable.
  • Our local travel agency status allows us to select accommodations in person, not on the Internet. We visit them regularly and have direct contact with their managers. That's why we know these are the perfect places to stay in.
  • Our guides, of course, are also local, which is essential in order to provide maximum knowledge and safety to our customers.
  • And finally, because, until now, all our trips have run perfectly... even those we organized for our mountain club!

If you are thinking about organizing a hiking trip in your mountain club, you certainly want it to be a perfect trip. We can guarantee it will be perfect because, in addition to all the above, we offer you maximum flexibility in every aspect:

  • The dates of the trip, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter.
  • Its duration, from a weekend to the days you want.
  • The type of accommodation, from inexpensive student hostels to luxurious hotels, including countless beautiful rural houses and farmhouses.
  • The characteristics of the routes, in terms of length and height gain.
  • Different geographical areas, from the gentle hills at the edge of the sea to the high peaks of the Pyrenees, making it possible to combine two very different environments in the same trip.
  • The carrying out of different complementary activities, be they cultural, tourist or gastronomic.
  • And, if the group is larger than 8 people, the possibility of choosing from several different routes each day, so that each member of the group can select the one they like best.

As you can see, we offer the highest flexibility, but if you can think of anything else where we can adapt to what you want, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to build this into your dream trip.

In addition, the north of Spain is the ideal area for hiking. That is why there are an enormous fondness and a deep-rooted tradition of hiking and mountaineering in the Basque Country. In fact, going to the mountains is one of the activities that Basques practice most in their free time, which explains why the area is the birthplace of fantastic mountaineers and climbers such as, for example, Edurne Pasaban (the first woman in the world to climb the fourteen peaks above 8,000 metres) or Juanito Oiarzabal (the second man in the world to climb more mountains of this height, with 26 summits), among others.

This is an area with beautiful scenery, which offers thousands of hiking routes with different levels, from the gentle hills next to the sea, to the high mountains of the Pyrenees or the Picos de Europa. Therefore, Walking North Spain can offer any hiking or mountain club the type of routes you want for your trip, with the possibility of combining different areas and routes for a more complete trip.

The north of Spain is also a highly developed tourist area. That's why, in addition to its beautiful mountain paths, here you can find everything you need to make a perfect mountain trip for your club:

  • An enormous network of different accommodation options to choose from: hotels and hostels from 1 to 5 stars, B&Bs, apartments, student hostels, hostels for pilgrims on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela, rural houses and hotels, farmhouses, campsites, etc....
  • Many places of natural, tourist or cultural interest to visit and complete your excursions or the rest days you want to add to your trip.
  • Any sport, leisure and adventure activity in nature that you can imagine: canyoning, rafting, zip lines, bungee jumping, adventure circuits, paintball, mountain biking, etc..., as well as any sea water activity: surfing, paddle surfing, wind surfing, canoeing, sailing, diving... the options are almost endless!
  • The famous Basque gastronomy, internationally recognized and appreciated, which can be tasted, not only in our best restaurants (San Sebastian and its surroundings is the area with the most Michelin stars per square kilometer in the world!), but also in any of the countless restaurants that exist throughout our geography. The famous pintxos, a miniature expression that shows the very high gastronomic level of this area, deserve special mention. Of course, we can organize a fantastic pintxos tour to give an even better taste to your trip, and we can even organize a workshop for you to learn how to make these pintxos or how to cook some of our famous and tasty dishes.
  • We can also visit the impressive fruit and vegetable markets and the farmhouses where the local fresh foods come from (in some of them we can stay overnight and collect produce in their vegetable gardens), and meet the artisans who produce our delicious cheeses.
  • Of course, another complementary activity that cannot be missing in a good trip is to have lunch or dinner in one of our famous cider houses, as well as to visit some cider, wine or txakolí (a typical white wine of the Basque Country) cellars, where we will be able to taste their products and learn about the production process.
  • Many of these wineries are located in beautiful villages, both inland and on the coast, which are well worth a visit. Also, don't miss Bilbao with its famous Guggenheim Museum and San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the ideal place to enjoy this type of trip.
  • The north of Spain also offers hikers some of the most beautiful Ways to Santiago, as well as other pilgrimage routes.
  • And all this is within reach because travelling to this area is easy, thanks to the different transport options available by land, sea and air. For more information, see the "How to get here" section of the "Information" tab and remember that we will be happy to help you and advise you on the best alternative for organizing your group’s transportation.

Finally, as is usually said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so click on these links to watch the videos:




Although northern Spain is an ideal area for a hiking holiday, none of the above would be valid if a hiking trip in this region were very expensive. For this reason, in Walking North Spain, we also take great care over the pricing of our trips, being able to offer different alternatives and always adjusting to the budget of the mountain club.

Of course, prices can vary depending on the season of the year, the number of days, the size of the group, the areas where the routes take place, the accommodation where you stay and the complementary activities that can be carried out, but we always try our best to achieve very reasonable and affordable prices for the budget available.

In addition, if the number of people travelling in the group reaches a certain minimum, volume discounts and direct benefits can be obtained:

  1. If the group is 10 to 15 people:
    • 1.5% direct discount on the price of the trip
    • Discount vouchers to be used on another Walking North Spain trip (*): 50 € for the trip organizer and 30 € for each member of the group.
  2. If the group is from 16 to 20 people:
    • 3% direct discount on the price of the trip
    • Discount vouchers to be used on another Walking North Spain trip (*): 100 € for the trip organizer and 50 € for each member of the group.
  3. If the group is 21 people or more:
    • Free travel for the trip organizer
    • 5% direct discount on the price of the trip
    • Discount vouchers to be used on another Walking North Spain trip (*): 150 € for the trip organizer and 70 € for each member of the group.

(*) Discount vouchers are personal, non-transferable and non-accumulative.

And the first step is to contact us. Let us know what kind of trip you're thinking of. We will prepare a bespoke proposal for you, with its corresponding budget, without any commitment on your part. And, from there on, we will take care of everything, so that the organization of the trip is very easy and simple for you and all you have to worry about is packing your luggage and enjoying yourself to the full when you are here.

Send us an email at info@walkingnorthspain.com or fill in and submit this form and we will contact you immediately.

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