Here you can find answers to common questions. However, if you do not find information about the question you have, please send us a message at info@walkingnorthspain.com and we will respond promptly. Thank you very much.


Whichever trip you are interested in, the first thing to do is to confirm the possible dates available (this step does not imply any commitment on your part). To do this, it is best to fill in and send us the availability enquiry form, but you can also email us at info@walkingnorthspain.com. In either case, we will contact you as soon as we receive your request.

Availability for self-guided trips depends solely on whether or not the accommodations used on the route have rooms available for those dates. If this happens, we may offer you alternative accommodations or other nearby dates when accommodation is available.

With regard to guided tours, availability depends basically on two factors: the availability of the guide for the requested dates and whether or not the minimum number of people to form a group has been reached, which is 4 clients in principle. For this reason, we recommend that, as far as possible, you indicate the widest possible window of possible dates when you complete your availability enquiry and that, although there are fewer people than those initially required to form a group, please send us your enquiry as soon as you can, because, depending on the availability of the guide, it is possible that the trip can be made for a smaller group, even for just one couple.

Once we have confirmed the availability of your trip, you must fill in and send us the reservation request form. At this point, you also need to pay the deposit for the trip reservation. See the information in the “How to Pay” section.
The deposit for the reservation of the trip must be paid at the time of filling out and sending the reservation form. Please refer to the information in the "How to pay" section or, if you are paying with your credit or debit card, you can access the payment form directly by clicking here.


Here you can pay the deposit for booking your trip (90 € per person) with your credit or debit card. Please indicate how many people will be in your group, as well as the rest of the information requested:
Number of people *
   x 90 € = Deposit amount
First name *
   Last name*
Email *
   Booking reference*
Please write here any questions or additional information you would like to send us:

Important note: By providing us with your details, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. For our part, we guarantee that your data will never be shared with third parties. You can also unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by sending us an email at info@walkingnorthspain.com. Thank you very much.

The purpose of the deposit is not only to formalize the reservation, but also to cover the management costs we may have incurred in making it. Therefore, in the event of cancellation of the trip on your part, the deposit will remain in our possession and will not be returned, regardless of how far in advance you notify us of your decision to cancel the trip.
If, once you have paid, you want to change the dates or duration of the trip, your deposit will in principle remain valid for your new trip, as long as this change is feasible. Please note that although we will do our best to please you and change the original arrangements, it may not always be possible for reasons beyond our control.
Yes, in principle, there is no problem transferring your deposit to another trip or to another person, as long as this change is feasible. To do so, you must notify us in writing by sending an email to info@walkingnorthspain.com with as much notice as possible.
The outstanding balance will be paid 7 weeks before the start of the trip. For this purpose, we will send you the corresponding invoice as well as the instructions for payment. You can consult the section "How to pay" for more information about this process.
It will depend on the circumstances. If it is a guided trip and your participation is essential to form the minimum necessary group, then no changes can be made. In any case, whether for guided or self-guided trips, you should send your request for a change in writing to info@walkingnorthspain.com at least 4 weeks before the start of your trip. In that case, we would try to comply with your request and make the change, although it is possible that, in many cases, this may not be possible for reasons beyond our control.

In the event of cancelling a trip then the person who made the reservation must notify us immediately by sending an email to info@walkingnorthspain.com. Depending on how far in advance we receive the notice of cancellation, the following charges will be applied:

Receipt of notice of cancellation Cancellation charge
50 days or more before the start of the journey Loss of reserve deposit
Between 43 and 49 days before the start of the trip 25% of the total cost of the trip
Between 29 and 42 days before the start of the trip 50% of the total price of the trip
Between 22 and 28 days before the start of the trip 75% of the total price of the trip
Less than 21 days before the start of the trip 100% of the total price of the trip
In the event that, for reasons of force majeure, we are obliged to cancel a trip, Walking North Spain will refund in full the amounts paid by the clients, including the reservation deposits.
Although we always try to ensure that our prices are very reasonable, there is a possibility that they may vary slightly throughout the season, especially due to the price of the accommodation. In this case, although the changes would be very slight, we will inform you of the modification of the new price at the time of confirming your reservation and paying the outstanding balance of the trip.
No, although we are a legally constituted travel agency, we are not dedicated to the purchase of tickets for the different means of transport that can be used to come to northern Spain, so we do not offer this service. However, if necessary, we can advise and help our clients to arrange their transfer here. For more information, see "How to get here".
On self-guided tours it is possible, but on guided tours it is necessary to join a minimum number of clients to group. In both cases, an individual supplement shown in our rates will be applied.
Once the payment of the balance has been made, we will send you the documentation so that you can better prepare your trip. In addition, in the case of self-guided tours, we will provide you with the necessary information upon arrival so that you can make the routes on your own.
Yes, of course. As far as we are able, we will try to take this into account. Please do not forget to let us know when making your availability enquiry and/or booking request.
Yes, this is a mandatory matter. All those people who want to take part in any of our trips must have the corresponding insurance in force that covers them for any mishap that may occur in the activities they are going to carry out in our trips. We recommend that the insurance should cover at the very least the costs of cancellation by you, assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness and third party liability for injury and damage.
Citizens of any state of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein only need a valid National Identity Card or passport. The United Kingdom and Ireland do not belong to the Schengen area and require a passport, as do other non-European countries such as the United States, Canada or Australia. For more information on this and other requirements click here.
Yes, fortunately, this area is very safe and visitors do not usually have any problems on their trip but, as northern Spain receives thousands of tourists every year, we recommend that common sense precautions should be taken against theft, especially on dates and places where there is a high concentration of people.

As in the other countries of the European Union, the currency used is the euro.

With regard to languages, logically, Spanish is spoken in Spain and French in the south of France. But, in addition, one of the oldest and most mysterious languages in the world is spoken in the Basque Country and Navarra: Basque, which is one of the many attractions of this region. While you are here, you will often hear and see Basque and we will tell you some curious facts about this ancient language. With regard to English, northern Spain is a popular tourist area and, as such, it is quite common to be able to understand each other in this language. However, it is far less common in some rural areas. In any case, on guided tours, a bilingual guide will be with you at all times, so you won't have any problem in understanding the locals.

Spanish time is UTC +1, so it uses Central European Time instead of Western time. This means that Spanish time is 1 hour ahead of UK time. With respect to the time difference with the United States, Spanish time is 6 hours ahead of the East coast and 9 hours ahead of the West coast.


Unless otherwise indicated, the meeting point will be the city of San Sebastian. Depending on the means of transport and your schedule, we will arrange with you an exact time and place to pick you up and take you to your first hotel.
If it is a guided trip, of course, report your problem to the guide who will be with you at all times. In the case of a self-guided trip, inform the person responsible for the accommodation you are staying in first. If this person cannot solve your problem or if you feel more comfortable transmitting it to us, you can inform us through the means of communication that we will establish with you upon your arrival. Of course, we will do our best to solve your problem and to make sure you enjoy your trip.
This depends on each trip and the route you take. Of course, all breakfasts are included. With regard to meals, in general, both on guided tours and self-guided tours, we usually provide each hiker with a picnic bag so that they have something to eat along the way. Dinners are the most varied because, while they are usually included in the guided tours, we usually only include part of them in the self-guided tours so that the guest can choose the restaurants and kinds of dinner that they prefer for each night. In any case, we recommend that you read the detailed information concerning dinners as this may differ for each trip.
This is one of the topics that most often surprises our clients, especially if they come from a foreign country because meal times are usually much later in Spain than in their home countries. Specifically, breakfasts are usually served between 08:00 and 10:00, lunches between 13:30 and 15:30 and dinners between 20:00 and 22:30.
Our routes have a moderate difficulty and anyone accustomed to walking in nature and in the mountains can do them without major problems. Typically, the distances to be covered range from 10 to 25 kilometres (6.2 to 15.5 miles) and the height gain between 400 and 1,000 metres (1,325 and 3,300 feet). In any case, many of these routes can be shortened with a pre-organized taxi service (not included in the price of the trip).
Of course. Every day that is needed, we take care that your luggage is moved from one accommodation to the next, so that you only have to carry a small backpack with what is necessary for the route of that day and can fully enjoy your trip.
If you usually go on mountain routes, knowing how to read and interpret a map is always convenient. In any case, the route cards of our self-guided trips include all the necessary information to be able to follow the route without any problem, so it is not necessary to use a compass or GPS, although these are always tools that, in addition to entertainment, can provide us with greater safety.

Yes, as long as there are two circumstances:

  1. Your GPS supports GPX files and
  2. That, in turn, there is your commitment not to share the tracks with third parties and much less to upload them to the Internet and/or market them.
If you are a regular hiker, the same equipment you use on your nature walks will probably be enough. Of course, good boots are essential, especially if the trip is in the Pyrenees or in the Picos de Europa. Comfortable mountain clothing with the possibility of using it in layers. Although these are not particularly cold areas, warm clothing, such as a fleece can always be useful. You may also need a rain jacket and rainproof trousers, but being in Spain, what you need most of all is protection from the sun: a hat or cap, sunglasses, cream and possibly insect repellent. Obviously, you will need a small or medium backpack to carry all this. A bottle or camelbak, a small first aid kit, a flashlight and, if desired, one or two walking poles will complete the equipment. And, of course, your mobile phone, if possible...with a camera!
If for any reason you have to reduce or end your holiday early you must inform us as soon as possible, through the means of communication that we will establish with you on your arrival. Of course, we will make all the necessary arrangements to help you with everything you need at that time.
Although we are great friends of animals, in principle, it is not possible to make our trips with pets, mainly due to the limitations of accommodation. In any case, we encourage you to contact us with your request because, perhaps, we could try to arrange a trip for you and your pet.


If you forget something in an accommodation, you should let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to return it to you while you are with us. If you have already returned to your place of origin, we will try to recover it and send it to your home.
Of course, the final opinion of our clients is of the utmost importance to us because we work with the aim of making them enjoy their trip to the fullest. In addition, your feedback helps us to be better each day. That is why, once the trip is over, we ask you to answer a simple questionnaire that we will give you at the right time.
Yes. The fact that you have already travelled with us for the first time gives you the opportunity to benefit from a 50 € discount on your next trip with Walking North Spain.




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