On our self-guided trips the real guide is you: you decide what time to start each stage, how fast to walk, where to stop and take a break, what to visit, etc. Maybe you prefer to leave your accommodation early in the morning and hike at a brisk pace. Or, on the contrary, you might like a more relaxed hike, taking your time at each step and enjoy the numerous attractions you find along the way.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that you will never feel alone. By following our comprehensive route directions and with our detailed maps in hand, you will always walk the right route, until you arrive at your next accommodation where a warm welcome always awaits... as well as your heavier luggage, of course! In addition, we will keep in touch with you at all times in order to know if you need anything and to check that your vacation is running smoothly. So, all of us will be watching out for your safety, your wellness and your enjoyment while you walk at your own pace, enjoying peace of mind and the freedom that all our routes offer. Enjoy them!

On Our Self-Guided trips you will never feel alone

  • We send you extensive information before your arrival.
  • We meet you and take you to your first hotel.
  • We begin with a briefing meeting in which we provide full travel documentation (route cards for every stage, maps, additional information, etc.) and answer all your questions and doubts.
  • All accommodation is reserved for you in advance.
  • Every day you will receive a picnic bag for your lunch.
  • We will transport your heavier luggage from one accommodation to the next.
  • We keep in constant contact by phone, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • We organize all the transfers you may need.
  • And, at the end, we contact you again to confirm that everything went perfectly and that you fully enjoyed your trip.











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